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Method to detect when a person is smoking and let you know vital information. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219785D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-13
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Disclosed is a device and method to detect when a person is smoking and provide related vital information.

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Method to detect when a person is smoking and let you know vital information .

When a person is smoking and cannot locate an appropriate disposal repository for their cigarette, they often drop the remains on the ground. This causes problems such as ground contamination and danger to plants and animals . In addition, second-hand smoke causes problems for many people near the smoker, especially if they are allergic to the smoke.

The solution is a method to detect when a person is smoking via a device located in a cellular phone (there are currently devices that detect it ), and it alert the user to vital information in order to avoid environmental contamination as well negative effects on other people. When the device detects the user is smoking , it:

 Alerts them to the location of the nearest appropriate disposal container

 Illuminates the disposal container

 Locates a proper site for smoking people

 Share information collected from sites with cigarette smoke through social media network

Via any wireless method, other people can receive information about the people currently smoking. The device of the smoking user sends that information to other devices in the area. This includes information such as position or other vital information so that non-smoking people can avoid that location .

If the device detects that the smoking person is not currently using a proper cigarette ash container, then it will count a bad point against the user , indicating t...