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Method and System for Quality Water Distribution Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219788D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-13
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The increasingly demand of water in the last years has lead the water distribution companies to start using new water sources and to mix multiple sources to provide the required amount of water. However this process has led to water quality degrade and each time a new source is added the quality decreases consequently due to more chemicals require for the new water source.

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Method and System for Quality Water Distribution

Water quality is probably insignificant for most of the use like showers, washing, and most of home and industrial usages. However for drinkable water the difference can be appreciated by end users. Since multiple water sources are usually mixed, some of them with an higher quality could be used for drinkable water while others may be used for general purposes.

The proposed solution aims to distribute multiple flows of water with the same distribution infrastructure. When a given quality flow is injected in the distribution infrastructure an element used to identify the water quality of the stream. This element is known as stream delimiter. The ultimate objective of the solution is identify, inject and propagate in the distribution infrastructure the high quality water stream so it may stored and reserved for human life usage.

The stream delimiter is then used by the distribution infrastructure to recognize the quality level of the water in the system in order to take proper routing decision as the stream traverses the system to reach the downstream repositories. As the water contained in downstream water repositories are consumed by the end users, they are able to signal upstream the condition. This information is collected and computed by the Distribution Control System that is then able to trigger the proper water quality refill. With the ability to control the water streams the distribution system the proposed solution provides a much more efficient and smart solution.

The following picture shows a small model of the proposed solution.


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In the distribution infrastructure the collectors act as control points. They provide water stream routing capabilities toward the downstream components. The collector has the ability to interpret and decode the Segment Identifier information and take proper routing decision. The principle of permissive downgrade is applied where a higher quality water stream can be routed toward a lower quality repository, but not the vice versa. Once the stream has reached the final end of the distribution system the RSI are polled out from the stream in order to allow reuse.

Distribution Control System

The distribution control system that is part of this disclosure leverages the ability to control the water streams to provide a solution that is capable of adapting to the changing dynamics of water consumption. The downstream components are able to signal to the upstream components the shortage of water of a given quality level and the amount of shortage. The signals are collected by the upstream components (the collectors) and computed. Once the shortage of a given quality level has reached a threshold value the water stream is injected in the system.

The following diagram provides a view of the processes that are part of the Distribution Control System in determining the flow operations.


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Stream Delimiters and Water Str...