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Localized Transaction broadcasting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219791D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-13
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Disclosed is a method for localized transaction broadcasting that provides a mechanism to solicit localized transactions that users can identify through their mobile device and act upon in real-time.

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Localized Transaction broadcasting

The ability to initiate sales of personal items and services has quickly become a convenient method for making some extra cash. Websites built for selling have empowered the consumer to essentially create their own transactions. The only problem with the current methods available is the way they are broadcasted. Currently, as a "seller", one posts items on the websites so that interested consumers can search for them and then proceed to bid/buy the goods being offered. Items/goods are placed for sale through these mediums and they are broadcasted widely on the net; however, timing can become an issue due to sellers and buyers originating in different time zones.

This invention provides a mechanism to solicit localized transactions that users can identify and act upon in real-time.

The idea is to use read/write Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) passive transponders (tags) to house data specific to goods being offered or sales being conducted (e.g., Yard Sale @ 123 Hunter Mill Rd).

A RFID interrogator (scanner) is housed on a user's mobile device and has the ability to read up to an N meter radius. A software application is created to leverage this interrogator and pick up any passive transponders that have been self-identified as "sales" so that the user can act upon them. Moreover, the software application allows the user and seller to open up a channel of communication for:

• Simple notifications, including visual notifi...