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Steps in Technology Commercialization

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Publication Date: 2012-Jul-17

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J. A. F1nneran

The M. W. Kellogg Company

||oust o~, Texas


Technology commercla].izat|on involves progression from an "idea" sta~e to the point at which a project ~s Inlt~ated for tile purpose of makln~ a profit. The routes toward commerc|allzation vary in detail, but many~ '- commona]Ities ex|st. Th~s paper wl]l discuss the overall process of brlnRin~ a new process from the laboratory to commercis] rea]Ity.

It is a pleas.re for me to be here in Monterrey with Vou~ and to have the pr~vIIe~e of addressinR this conference today.

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The subject of "Technoloffy CommerclallzntJon" is of course a subject of interest to every en~Ineer, wh~:tht, r he or she be a cl~emlcal, mechanical, petroleum enfflneer, or whatever. One definition of en~ineerinR Is that it is the profession of deve]oplnff new ways of usinR materials and ener~.y economlcal]y. New teebnoloRy commercla]Izatlon is obviously of interest to sll of you - you who are here to participate in this conference.

My dlaclp]Ine is Chemlca| Engineering, and so T will foc.s particularly on that field. Naturally T wl]1 draw on my perceptions of technology commerelallzatlon as an employee of an en~Ineerln~ and construction ffrm, and also from a perception of my part ~n ATChE activities on the National level, particu]ar]y the Natlona] ProEram Committee.

Twll] tend to talk about "R&D" at the same tlme as we discuss "Technology ~ommerclallzat]on. In many Industrial labs, the emphasis Is mostly on the "D" part of "R&D", - we sometimes call It "small r hi~ D." The "D"

part of R&D has one primary ohiectlve - techno]oEy commercializatlon.~

Even R&D projects of the bIRD type have frequent surprises and unexpected events. More often than not~ these unexpected events are adverse rather than favorable. It doesn't take very ]onF to realize that R&D re~ulres a de~ree of nptJmlsm. W~th credit to Audy Krld]e of SRT, I'd like to recount a paragraph from a talk An~y ~ave at a recent ATChE Meetln~.

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I quote:

R&D ~s a meritorious and respectable occ~pation and, as such alonR with other reco~n|zed pursuits, such as money chan~inR, sailinE and thievery, merits an appropriate patron saint.

Extensive research into this subject reveals that a most appropriate person for this lofty task is none other th~n Don Alonzo Perez de Guzman El Bueono who, whlle on earth, bore the illustrious tlt]e of the D~ike of Medina Sidonla. No doubt all of you Immediately recoRnize him as the Captain of the Spanish Armada which, in 15RS, attempted the last known invasion of England. The noble Duke, who combined a philosophical approach to life and personal modesty w~th almost total i~norance of naval matters, was asked before the Armada sai]e,i from Lisbon what his chances were likely to be a~s~nst the British. Don Alonzo replied that the Br~tlsh had lon~er range Runs and more seaworthy ships than the Armada; however, the English were vile heretics, whereas the Ar...