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On Thermal Shock to the LNG Piping System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219848D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-17
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The title of the paper proposed for the following meeting;

I. Name of Society : American Society of Mechanical Engineers

2. Scheduled Meeting : 1982 Piping Pressure Vessel Summer Ann~al Meeting to be held in Orlando, Florida on June 28-July i, 1982.

3. Abstract : Required to be submitted to ASME by 15.August 1981

4. Final Manuscript : To ASME by 15 January 1982. The Author : Da H. Yin, P. E.

Principal Engineer

Piping Mechanical Division

6. Significant and Potential Benefit : What happens when placing -265°F piping system at ambient temperature has always been an

are to be addressed.

Kellogg has been for years actively involved in LNG industries. Publish- ing this paper ought to compliment Kellogg's effort in this field and also provide answers for our own future applications.

Description : By applying the method of superposition, this paper is to analyze the piping reactions due to introducing cold LNG into hot piping system. On one hand, this system is simulated based upon ther~l flexibility analysis - regarding the face of LNG flow as the point of temperature break. On the ether hand, the same piping system is modeled dynamically. Imposing the thermal loads at the face of LNG flow would produce a set of dynamic responses to the model. Then matching the common parameters such as internal stresses, displacements, loads upon constraints, etc., will/.r~~ set of outputs which should give the effects due ~o the ~~

Endorsed by; ~" ~,/~# 1~ 'D. ~ McK--~af...