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Saber Heavy Oil Cracking Complex Features Unique Design Concepts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219943D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-18
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Saber Heavy Oi~ Cracking Complex Features Unique Design Concepts

A major heavy oil cracking complex is being built by Saber Energy,

Inc. based on a design feedstock of Arabian. heavy atmospheric resid. Processing schemes for the overall complex are presented along with

f]owsheets for the atmospheric res'id desulfurizer, the heavy oil
cracker, and an air pollution control system which is based on a citrate scrubbing unit. Comparisons of FCC and HOC are shown and the reason~ for selecting HOC are givenL Design consideration, including turndown, feedstock flexibility, and utilities integration are presented. Environmental problems are considered, alternative control schemes areexamined, and the final selection of citrate is discussed. Basic chemistry isin~luded along with
a description of the major process equipment. Integration of environmental controls with the HOC system is described.