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Engineering Data Management Facility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000219957D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-18
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Three Greenway Plaza Easl Houston. Texas 77046

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The M.W. Kellogg Company



Engineering work deals with huge volume of data and it is very important for superior design and better productivity to efficiently manage this data.

Kellogg has developed an engineering data management facility and found the following features important for a good data management system:

Database Model: A well thought database model is essential for a good system. Kellogg's model highlights concept of reusable data, propagating the effect of change to downstream users, historical record, and copy/modify features to improve the speed of data entry.

Screen M~nagement: On-line input is performed via screen displays. The key to a good display is visual clarity and maximum possible throughput per screen cycle.

3) Sec@ity: Data security is designed such that access can be limited, if necessary, on individual or discipline level. Data security helps avoid data corruption by unauthorized users.

The application of these concepts will be illustrated by an example from a database system developed for an engineering discipline.