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Economics of Air vs. Water Cooling Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220007D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-18
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    Cooling equipment for process duties should be designed to give minimum total cost - operating and capital. This paper concentrates on the two most common methods, water cooling and air cooling, and considers combinations of both. Technical features of both systems are discussed, together with economic considerations. Major economic factors such as fixed costs, depre- ciation, power costs and maintenance costs are described and methods of evaluating such costs are presented. Using this information total costs over a given pay-out period can be evaluated.

    The advantages of modular air-cooler construction are discussed and examples presented to demonstrate that modular construction enables air coolers to be viable over a wider range. The use of automatic variable
pitch fans to both control temperature and achieve power savings is described, again showing air-coolers may be economically attractive over a wider range."

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