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Automatic pressure sensitivity adjustment of computer keyboards. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220061D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-19
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Minimising keyboard entry errors by automatic pressure sensitivity and or timing adjustment of keys on a keyboard by a computer operating system.

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Automatic pressure sensitivity adjustment of computer keyboards .

The problem to be solved is that of frequently mistyping things on a computer keyboard due to not pressing the keys with a consistent pressure. For example, when typing on a keyboard, it is possible frequently to miss capitalisation because of not pressing the shift key hard enough. This means that frequent corrections are required to typed text.

    The disclosure is to have "intelligent" keyboard input. The computing system would monitor keystrokes and look for common mistakes, like frequent correction of capital letters. This would indicate that the sensitivity of the shift key should be increased so that the user does not need to press the key as hard to have it take effect. By checking for various types of frequent input error, the system could adjust the sensitivity of the keys slightly so as to reduce input errors. This compensation would correct for intrinsic differences in the keys on the keyboard and also for the fact that people will use different pressures on different keys due to using different fingers on different keys.

    A set of keyboard sensitivity settings could be associated with each user who signs on to the system. This would allow several people to use a home computer for example and have the system automatically compensate for how each person uses the keyboard.

    The operating system would need to monitor for frequent corrections due to a particular key not being recognised correct...