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Method to implement dynamically expandable USB disk -- smart USB disk Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220108D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-23

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Usually the size of each USB disk is fixed, so sometimes one large file cannot be directly stored in one USB disk. With USB hub, one such file can be stored in two or more USB disks, but only after being manually split to small parts. This method provides one solution to make multiple USB disks connected in series and act as one bigger stand-alone one to the PC side. Advantages of this method are no change on PC side and compatibility with traditional USB disk.

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Method to implement dynamically expandable USB disk -- smart USB disk

Problems solved:

Usually the size of each USB disk is fixed, sometimes when the file size is larger than one USB disk, then the file can't be stored in it directly,but if the total size of two or more USB disks with small size is larger the file size, can these small USB disks be used as one USB disk? that's the problem this idea is trying to solve. Although USB hub can expand the USB flash drive interfaces, each USB disk is still identified as one stand alone disk by the host side, however, this idea provides one solution to making multiple USB disks connected in series connection, and the host side sees them as one stand alone USB disk instead of multiple separate USB disks, meanwhile,the total size of this stand alone USB disk is the sum of the connected USB disks so that large files can be stored in multiple USB disks directly. No similar solutions found so far.


No change on PC side, all functions are achieved inside smart USB disk, traditional USB disk can be used with this type of smart USB disk without any change.

A USB flash drive is a data storage device that consists of flash memory with an integrated Universal Serial Bus (USB) interface:


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The core idea of this invention is to add USB host controller functions to the traditional USB disk and also provide the functions of read and write data across USB disks, therefore not only can it act as a USB mass storage device, but it can function as a USB host device which can identify the other USB disks plugged into its host interface,and also provide a USB disk management software engine to achieve functions such as maintaining the USB flash drive interface to the host side as well as managing its host interface and read/write operations inside or across USB disk etc. besides, to the host side, it only sees it as a traditional USB disk, while inside the USB disk, it will manage all the USB disks plugged into it and coordinate the communications between host side and slave side. The functional architecture is roughly as below:


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Functions of each component are as f...