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Segregated multiperson chat system for scrum meeting. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220153D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-24
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A mechanism of segregated multiperson chat system for conducting scrum meeting is described. The system can be implemented as a plugin into existing multiperson chat systems.

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Segregated multiperson chat system for scrum meeting .


In Software development there are targeted goals which must be achieved in a fixed time frame. There are various software development models for achieving these software development goals. Two of the most

popular software development models are the 'Waterfall Model' and the 'Agile Model'.

Agile Methods are a reaction to traditional ways of developing software and acknowledge the "need for an alternative to documentation driven, heavyweight software
development processes" . In the implementation of traditional methods, the work begins with the elicitation and documentation of a "complete" set of requirements,
followed by architectural and high-level design, development, and inspection.

The Agile Methods are actually a collection of different techniques (or practices) that share the same values and basic principles.

Agile Software development methods focus on adapting quickly to changing requirements. This is suitable when requirements are rapidly changing.

Communication is important aspect of agile methodology. One of the projects management practices that the team finds useful is the daily "scrum". A "scrum" can be described as a brief meeting at the beginning of the day, where each person of the team answers three questions

What did i do yesterday?

What do i plan to do today? What is the impending progress?

With these simple, brief statements the person's objectives, concerns is quickly communicated. These questions generally provide indication of progress, risks in projects.

Team members can contribute to each other by sharing views, suggestions to mitigate risks and identify better approaches.

The traditional mode of scrum is verbal, In which the scrum master may use book to record the data which he thinks is required. Since this depends on his discretion some data might get lost. Also the recorded data will not be available to others.

Thus the knowledge discussed in scrum is recorded at minimal level. The managers and team members cannot recall after some time the contents discussed in scrum.

To some extent using existing multiperson chat system can help in recording scrum. However there is serious limitation in existing format.

This article describes segregated multiperson chat system for scrum meetings which can overcome above limitation and add value to Agile methodology


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A typical multiperson chat system adopted for scrum


The typical multi person chat system adopted for scrum meeting is shown below Figure-1. It can be seen each persons update gets displayed in the common chat window.


In Figure-1

The left panel P2 will display list the team members for scrum.

The bottom panel P1 is used for giving scrum update.

The top panel P4 is a scrolling panel.

P5 is the scrolling column needed for scrolling the updates.

P3 is updates given by each team member.

P6 is example of suggestion provided.

It can be seen that the updates get mixe...