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Compressible EMI Shield With Air-Intake Feature Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220238D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-26
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This article explores a compressible metal gasket with a perforation for electromagnetic compatibility applications. The perforation allows for increased air flow while maintaining EMI shielding integrity.

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Existing designs for metal gasket design (also referred to as finger stock) requires an engineering trade-off to balance between shielding effectiveness and airflow. Instead of being forced to make sacrifices in EMI or thermal performance, a different approach is proposed: a finger stock design that includes a perforation hole to increase air flow.

    For an application such as a DASD carrier, improvements in this area are critical as drives have crucial cooling needs and bus data rates continue to increase. It should be noted that the design proposed presently is not intended to serve as the sole air intake for a product. Rather it is intended as a supplement, allowing for increased airflow in a location which was previously blocked.

    This design is a modification of existing finger stock design. It introduces an intake feature on the forward face of the spring and output on the rear feature of the spring. The rear of the spring that makes contact with the mating surface is angled such to channel the airflow as it passes through the core of the spring. In this regard, the interior of the spring is transformed into a miniature plenum to orient the air out the back of the spring.

    Disclosed here is a novel spring finger design. Ideally, the spring finger would be constructed from any standard finger stock material such as, but not limited to, BeCu. Other materials could be used in this application such as plastics doped with an EMI absorber. The spri...