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System and method of URL shortcut of mobile website categories Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220241D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-27
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Disclosed is a system and method of URL shortcuts for Mobile Website categories. In a first embodiment, when user accesses a new website, URL Shortening Service automatically generates a short url for each website category and registers the url mapping information. In a second embodiment, once URL Shortening Service receives a short url input by user, it interprets the shortcuts to the orignal url based on the mapping information, then fetches the real webiste content and displays it to user. Taking the advantage of this system and method, mobile user can accelerate the access of mobile web and go directly into the website categories with few inputs by selecting from a content assistant popup menu.

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System and method of URL shortcut of mobile website categories


Mobile Web application is an internet-connected application, it refers to a browser-based access to the internet through wireless network from a mobile device, usually a smart phone or tablet computer.

Uniform Resource Locator known as URL, is a character String that specifies the location of the resources including Web pages in the internet. When user input the URL in the browser, a corresponding web page will displayed to user.

Nowadays, it is very popular to access web through mobile devices.

Website Category provides content in the sub area of a website, like "Sports" in some mobile websites. The category can have subcategories, and so on so forth.

The existing Mobile Web URLs usually are very long, and not human readable
It is difficult and inconvenience to input a long URL in the address bar
It is difficult to see the long URL in the address bar, and it is unsafe if the user don't understand the site where they are going to.
Known solutions:

1. Favorite service in Web browsers

User could add a website to the browser based favorite service, but could not access different website categories inside a web site


It is client based Favorite service, difficult for user to arrange their collections and share with others

2. URL short service

The URL short server could map any long URL to a short URL. But it only provide one URL shortening service for each request The shortened URLs are meaningless, and not memorable by human.

3. Category Page (Navigation Page)

Mobile web site usually provide Category page to accelerate user access, however it is waste time and network flow to display a

page, it is suitable for the first time visit, but the frequently visitors need faster access method.

Some low-end mobiles need more clicks to move to the category in the pages.

Our solutions
We designed a system and method of URL shortcuts for Mobile Website categories

1. URL shortcut Services

1.1 Search the whole web application, get all the categories. The categories could be found from the category page, Navigation menu, etc. 1.2 Generate the URL shortcut model for categories


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    Abbreviate words - The URL will be the abbreviated from the category name, or just the initial letter, add numbers to distinguish if the URL shortcut conflict

Hierarchy model - Because the categories are hierarchical, so the URL shortcuts is also hierarchical

1.3. Create a mapping table, stores mapping information of the URL shortcuts and the original URL.

1.4. Provide XML based accessing point for the client

2. URL shortcut Client - access the mobile web URL in the way human readable and acceleration Through the additional web page with Ajax technology
Through the browser plug-in


1. Accelerate user access to the mobile website categories, even the low-end device can access quickly with only few inputs

2. It is server side URL shortcut, user don't have to arrange...