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Smart Bus Stop based on NFC for blind people Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220247D
Publication Date: 2012-Jul-27
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This discourse briefly introduced a process for blind people to read bus stops conveniently. By utilizing NFC chips, a blind person can predifined his destinations and select one from them when he wants to go out. The NFC chips will help blind people to know where they are and how to go to his destination, and select proper transfer stations.

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Smart Bus Stop based on NFC for blind people

In general, current bus stations are just an information display facilities, which provide bus line lists. People have to check all the bus routes and calculate the best way to their destinations. Therefore, it can be extremely difficult for blind people to see all bus routes and decide the best way to their destinations.

In order to improve the serviceability for blind person to make full use of bus station, we propose a method of using NFC technology to make bus stops


NFC (Near field communication) allows for simplified transactions, data exchanges, and connections. With NFC devices, we can read NFC tags on public

facilities to get more information. Emerging NFC standards allow customers to quickly transfer useful information by touching devices quickly. NFC also makes it possible for governments and companies to reduce printing and display costs. Compared with infrared rays, Bluetooth and RFID, NFC has many advantages in very short distance communications, passive information transmission and very quick connection establishment.

To enjoy this invention, a blind person just need to predefine several favorite places where he usually want to go, and then he can touch the bus stop using his NFC-chips-embeded cellphone to get the bus line information. After that, the cellphone will calculate the best bus line and save it inside for later reference.

The advantages:

Help blind people to check bus information conv...