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Participating in Conference Calls without Speaking Aloud

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220486D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-01
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A system and a method to participate in conference calls without speaking aloud is disclosed.

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Participating in Conference Calls without Speaking Aloud

Disclosed is a system and a method to participate in conference calls without speaking aloud.

In todays fast paced work environment, there are times where it is important to participate in a conference call, while being in an environment that doesn't permit talking out loud. An example would have the meeting attendee being a class, another meeting, and at the same time attending a conference call by listening in with a set of earphones. In this situation, the person is listening to a meeting while at the same time paying attention to the class or a different meeting. Verbal participation in the conference call would disrupt the class/meeting..

Speaking out loud is avoided by utilizing a speech conversion technology, such as text-to-speech and applying this to allow a person to participate real-time on a conference call without speaking aloud.

An electronic agent (such as a bot, VoIP service extension, or Instant Messaging (IM) service extension) enables a person to connect to a conference call and would convert input, for example in the form of typed text or mouse selections from a graphical menu, into speech and would direct it to the conference.

A specific example could be an IM extension that would connect to the conference call and convert typed input into speech in the call. The IM extension could be preconfigured to emulate a specific person's voice by playing prerecorded words/phrases. Alternatively...