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Intentional design of software lock for physical security locks in a laptop Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220494D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-02
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software based locking mechanism for devices

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Intentional design of software lock for physical security locks in a laptop

The problem is related to physical security of laptops. Laptop is meant to be used and carried by a user to differant places. Laptop is not just a workstation, it is rather an information hub also.

Missing or losing laptops as a theft can be disastraous to an enterprise. Its always a problem to a person to take care of physical security of Laptop.

The best thing we do now is use a physical chain to lock a laptop. Using chain is not a full proof solution. In addition to being less user friendly to carry always and find a proper place to lock, it is not 100% secure. It gives a false impresion to the user that after the lock his laptop is secure. The chain can always be broken.

The solution is to use a software based locking mechanism. The solution is to create an application where if a lock button is pressed,it will connect to a security server and list itself as a locked device. Now if the machine is disconnected from the network which will be the case when someone tries to take the laptop out of the premises, the server gets notified that laptop is disconected (under locked mode) and that is the time to take corrective action over it.

A centralized security monitoring system of a company monitors all the client machines (laptops specifically in this case). On the client machine we will have a lightweight agent, which will allow selecting a soft lock. When a lock is selected the agent wil...