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A Novel Method for Designing Differentiated Staffing Supply Chain for IT Services Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220509D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-02
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Designing Differentiated Staffing Supply Chain for IT Services

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A Novel Method for Designing Differentiated Staffing Supply Chain for IT Services

Over the past few years, demand for skilled resources especially in technology outsourcing has shown an ever-increasing trend. At the same time supply situation has been very tight with supply of right (fit-for-purpose) resources becoming restricted resulting in very long lead time to identify and hire new resources. Further, economic downturn and cost pressures are impacting firm's ability to maintain high bench (resources waiting for an assignment). These issues manifest in terms of staffing challenges frequently being faced by IT service providers. Meeting customer expectations on turn-around time (lead time to fulfill a demand) are becoming more and more challenging resulting in revenue loss due to delay in meeting the demand or loss of demand, negative impact on customer-satisfaction, increased management time, and increased cost to manage escalations.

Further, as in physical goods, not every service is same or similar in nature. Services can be classified into different buckets on attributes such as demand variability, demand volume, demand lead time, supply variability, supply lead time etc. There cannot be one solution to handle all these services. Services manager need to classify services and design differentiated offering for various categories. In this disclosure, we address these challenges by designing a novel differentiated staffing process for IT services.

Typically, sufficient bench i...