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Extending Web 2.0 Technology (Dojo) to Support a Dual Text and Graphical Control Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220530D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-03
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A method is disclosed that solves the problem of extending the web 2.0 technology to support a synchronized, dual control for both power and novice users working with the same complex data structures. It allows users to pick the control they want to meet their skill level.The control consists of a graphical tree view of the mapping schema for the novice user. And a flat text selection list (combo box) view of the same information for power users. A selection in one of the dual controls is reflected in the other.

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Extending Web 2.0 Technology (Dojo) to Support a Dual Text and Graphical Control

This disclosure teaches how to extend the most common web 2.0 interface Dojo, to provide a dual control for both textual and graphical input. This new control enables users to make a selection by browsing an XML schema, as well as by selecting a schema node from a flat combo box of XPath names. In this tree control, the full schema tree is shown, with all the nodes disabled (grayed out) except for the ones that are valid for selection. Those enabled node are the nodes listed in the combo box. Use of such a tree gives one perspective relative to the overall data set. Selection from the tree is reflected in the flat combo box, and vice versa. Use of the combo box, provides a list of just the short-names (elements) from the XPath to the node. Flyover help through-out navigation (even prior to selection), shows the expanded path (gives location in the tree). Power users prefer this type of quick list selection control. They usually know their data well enough and don't care to see where The controls sit side-by-side, with a button next to the combo box that pops up a schema tree selection dialog.

There are a number of advantages to this. Without this capability, the web 2.0 technology would not be as attractive to this solution, as it would not compactly allow the user to make a schema selection, with two completely different means of doing so.

The dual control is shown directly below,...