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Auditing of state changes for commands Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220543D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-06
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Using an API which allows generic transformation of SET commands to INQ command to audit state changes for system resources without the need for specific coding for new commands.

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Auditing of state changes for commands

There exists an API for INQUIRE and SET methods which operate on resources.

    The API is defined such that options on SET methods are a subset of those on the INQUIRE.

    The architecture of the API commands is such that by changing the byte codes for SET to INQUIRE the command becomes an INQUIRE for the same options.

It is possible to intercept API commands in an exit.

In the above case:

When a SET command is issued, a copy is taken of the byte code for the command The copied command is transformed from a SET to an INQUIRE and issued
The output of the command is saveD
The original SET command is also issued and the output saved before passing back to the original caller
The input and output can be used along with information such as timestamps, userid, task in audit or event driven processes.

    Because of the characteristics of the API mentioned in the previous paragraph, this is a generic mechanism, so no new code is need to handle new or changed commands.

    By implementing the above system it is possible for a system like CICS to audit a change to system properties by associating the before and after state of a change with the user who made the change.

    For example if one audited all commands one might set in a report: 27/7/2012 20:12 user BJOHNSON issued SET FILE("payroll") ENABLED Previous state of resource FILE("payroll") ENABLESTATUS("DISABLED)

    To ensure that logs are not flooded with unnecessary commands, this mechanism can be e...