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Low profile heat sink Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220561D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-06
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A low profile heat sink for compact environments is disclosed. The heat sink is suitable for equipment with space constraints.

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Low profile heat sink

Heat removal in compact environments such as laptop computers, handheld devices and hard drive storage systems is a challenge. Standard finned heat sinks may not be suitable for highly compact electronic applications due to space constraints. Minimal air flow coupled with thin dies and lids adds to the challenge in these environments. Disclosed is a low profile heat sink for compact environments.

In an embodiment, an electronics packaging lid enhancement as seen in the figure may increase the transfer of heat energy through the periphery of the lid, without the need to increase the vertical height of a heat sink.


The enhancement may be achieved with the addition of a metal shroud which is in contact with the base of the lid at the interface of the lid and a laminate. In addition, the width of the interface may be increased to maximize the transfer of thermal energy. The enhancement may be realized through one or more means to maximize the surface area of the lid within a confined space. Some exemplary but non limiting enhancements include, textured lids to increase the effective surface area of the lid, custom shaped lids to maximize use of available open space, lids serving as Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) grounding material and connecting to a grounding feature on a printed wiring board.

Thus, the low profile heat sink enhances the transfer of heat energy without the need of


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increasing the vertical height of the...