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Application notification method using tile position in a touch environment. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220617D
Original Publication Date: 2012-Aug-09
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2012-Aug-09
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Russell VanBlon: INVENTOR


Disclosed is a program that displays application notifications by changing a tile’s position within a touch environment.

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Application notification method using tile position in a touch environment

In a touch environment, applications display notifications via methods that are unrelated to the application. The user typically goes to a separate screen to view a list of notifications. The user must go to a separate screen unrelated to the app itself to view and dismiss each notification or clear all of them. Rather than displaying notifications the user deems important separate from the app itself, this invention shows notifications by changing the position of the tile within the touch interface. When a notification is to be displayed, the actual tile will be copied or moved to the first workspace to inform the user that the app has a notification. If the first workspace is not active, the tile may be shown on the active workspace. This invention would be useful in the Windows8 Metro UI (but potentially useful elsewhere as well) where the far left of the touch environment is where tiles with notifications may be displayed. Remaining notifications would continue to modify the tile position until the user opened the app. This type of notification could be switched on or off for each app. The type of notification may also be displayed on the face of the tile.