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Methods and systems for collaborative application log files analysis Disclosure Number: IPCOM000220989D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-20
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Method and System to set and collect trace files in a dynamic way based on dependency discovery mechanism

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Methods and systems for collaborative application log files analysis

In the current it environments, applications are growing in complexity and interdependency, this makes very difficult in case of an issue to determine which application is the failing one because each application writes its own log file without any relation to the others.

It is proposed a global collaborative log file that collects the needed info from all applications during the specified timeframe with the proper level of tracing. This is achieved using a software module that is responsible for searching each application log file, extracting the proper information needed for problem determination and grouping them in a single log file.

The building blocks of the proposed solution are:

A software module called "Central Collaborative Logger" (CCL). The CCL


accepts as input from the user the list of errors that should trigger an attempt from CCL to perform a collaborative logging session when that type of error is raised by one of the applications.

A central repository where each application registers its own log files information,


trace levels and how to set the trace levels. The central repository could be a part of the solution itself described in this proposal.

An application (i.e. TADDM) that discovers software dependencies


The following basic work flow describes the CCL behavior:


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User provides input to CCL for the errors that should trigger a collaborative loggin...