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Launch or switch App by customized gesture on mobile device

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000221129D
Publication Date: 2012-Aug-30
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This article describes of using customized gestures for launching or switching APPs on mobile device so that user can easily open apps when there are a lot of APPs in mobile. Currently, On iOS, you can double-click Home key on device board to open running APPs view, then you can open the APP you need. After finishing it, you need do the same operation to open the APP you just closed. In this way, so much time are wasted on these useless switch operations. This invention desclosure solves this kind of problem.

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Launch or switch App by customized gesture on mobile device

Disclosed is a method to enable user to customize some gestures for associating some APPs. When user input one of these gesture on mobile screen, mobile OS will find the associated APP and open it automatically. User can add,modify and delete these relationship between gesture and APP.

Firstly, user need define some gestures to associate APPs. User can enable or disable the gesture by clicking ON or OFF button.

And then select an APP that user wants to associate with this gesture. User also need input a customized gesture through hand input. The function of defining associated gesture is showed in Figure 1.

Figure 1: User defines associated gesture

Then when user wants to switch to this APP from another APP that is running, user just need input the gesture on the screen.


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Mobile OS will check whether the gesture has been associated with an APP. If yes, open the associated APP automatically. If no,do nothing. The function of opening associated APP through defined gesture is showed in Figure 2.

Figure 2: Open associated APP through defined gesture

When user wants to delete and modify these gestures, user can delete or modify a gesture through customized gestures management view. The function of managing gestures is showed in Figure 3.


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Figure 3: Manage existing gestures

This method can help user open an APP in a convenient way and reduce a lot of useless operations .