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Publication Date: 2012-Sep-07

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Robert E. Templeton

Manager, Analysis and Methods Division

  The M. W. KelloŜ Company 1300 Three Creenway +Plaza Ease

Houston, Tex~s 770~6

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~here Does the ~ACĈertification Fro~rm-S~ TodaT?


E~i~eerin~ certification h~s been actively studied and di8cussod since

August 1971by most o£ the en~ineerir~ societies, /ncludin~ the AACE. Articles
in both the December 1973 a~d February 1974 Bulletins su~mri¯ed this early
hietOryo ~portent ideas and concepts that mare brought £orth by interested
attendees durin~ the July 1974 AACE Annual Business Heetlng and the subsequent workshop in Los Angeles are discussed. The results £r~a the October 1974 AACE B~letin ~embership postcard survey have been su~narizod. The survey results i~lica~e that there is considerable ~bership interest in an AACE engineerin~
certi£ication pro~r~. A proposed plan £or ~nple~entation to~etber with perti-
nent ~uideli~ee has been prepared, but is not included in its entirety in this
paper. It will be published in the Fall Bulletin. The ~aJor concern o£ this
paper will be ~r~th the ideas and concepts brought £orth in July 1974 at Los An~les and the result¯ o£ the October 1974 postcard survey.

Annual Business Heetin~ Discussion

    At the request o£ the Board, the progress end status og the certi£ication
study ~ere bria£1y discussed by the Chairman at the 1974 Annual Business Heetin~. Several questions ~ere raised by n~nbers concernin~ possible ran~£tcattons of certification. These mare discussed individually. A show o£ hands indicated a
~ar~e portion o£ the audience mare interested in cer~igication. A further show
o£ hands revealed that there mas little interest in certi£ication by speci££c
area, such as estima~in~, cost control, etc. k'nen a show o£ hands on interest
in certi£iuation coverin~ the general or all-inclusive Cost Engineer ares was
proposed, a large percentage o£ the audience appeared to be interested.

    O~ me~ber requested that geedback nmteriel on the experience o£ other societies wi~h cer~igication progrs|ns be published, includin~ ingotnnation o£

detrimental eg£ects, i£ any, as mall as benegits. Also, another member expressed
t~e desire that any certigication proems be subn~tted to the membership £or
approval he£ore the Association eabarked on e £o~al pro~r~n. Action will be ~lmn on these requests.

1974 Certigication l~orkshop Discussion

    The subsequent markshop held in July 197~ at the Annual 14eetin~ .mas dev~tod to a discussion o£ the reasons £or considera~ion o£ a certig£cation progr~n, its
basic objectives, areas o£ specialization, program adminis~ration, eligibility,
~andga~herin~ provision, recertigication, £ees, suspension or revocation, and
¯ listin~ o£ ~he Standards o£ Conduc~.

    Because ~-here appeared to be three basi~ ~eaknesses in the current licensin~
o~ registration procedure, many en~ineerin~, societies, includin~ the AACE, proposed
¯ cer~i£iuation program...