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Cable Reversing Mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000221568D
Publication Date: 2012-Sep-11
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This disclosure relates to a cable assembly. More specifically, it provides a means for translating a pull actuation to a push actuation and vice versa.

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The Invention

The subject invention relates to a cable system including a conduit and an inner core translatable inside said conduit. More particularly, it provides a means that translates a push actuation in the core of the cable assembly to a pull actuation at an output end of the cable assembly.

The cable system generally can be described as having an end for inputting translational motion and an end through which the translational motion exits the cable. A core wire is disposed within a conduit that protects the cable, but allows the cable to translate along the axis of the conduit. The conduit terminates at an end fitting. Held within the end fitting is a spacer cap that abuts a swivel tube. Within the swivel tube, the core wire terminates and is adjoined to a rack-gear terminal. Here the rack-gear terminal makes a 90 degree bend towards a surface of the swivel tube followed by another 90 degree bend towards the exit end of the swivel tube. The series of bends creates a first engaging surface. Following the bends is an exposed first rack-gear. The first rack-gear terminates with a 90 degree bend toward the center axis of the cable, creating a second engaging surface.

Parallel to the first rack-gear is a second rack-gear. The second rack-gear is also disposed on the pinion gear. The pinion gear translates along the length of the second rack-gear. The second rack-gear terminates on the exit side of the cable with a 90 degree bend toward the center of the cabl...