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Experimental Correlations for the Slurry Flow Disclosure Number: IPCOM000221757D
Publication Date: 2012-Sep-15
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R. Vanguri, K. H. Hslao, R. H. Roberts *


The primary objective of this work is to establish practical and satisfactory design correlations for sizing large slurry pipe lines encountered in Flue Gas Des~Ifurization Systems.

The approach is essentially experimental since the development of a mathematical solution is rendered
of governing variables. (The slurries
experiments are the scrubber discharge

complex by an abundance being used in the present and oxidlzer product with

different concentrations of CaCO3, CaSO3 I/2 H20 and CaSO4.2.H20.) A test set up was designed and fabricated for determining the pressure drops, design velocities, erosion characteristics, etc. in several pipe configurations. The design features include rubberlined piping, accurate fiow control, flow measurement with magnetic flow meters, continuous monitoring of percent solids,
and acrylic test pieces for visual observations. The test set-
up is sized larger than earliertest loops; therefore, the confidence level of the design correlations will be greater than the earlier c~rrelations.

This paper presents part of the results of this experimental program for pressure drop and design velocity correlations for horizontal and vertical piping, elbows, flow dividing and flow

* Mechanical Engineering Development, Research.& Development Center, Pullman Kellegg, Inc.


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