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Vaporized Fuel Oil VFO Applications and Operations Disclosure Number: IPCOM000221794D
Publication Date: 2012-Sep-15

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D. Caldwell, F. Elfers and M. Fankhanel (Heat Research Corporation)

Paper to be presented at 85th NATIONAL AIChE meeting on afternoon of June 7, 1978, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (This paper is for presentation at an AIChE meeting. It is not to be reproduced or published in any form without permission of the AIChE.)

VFO TM Fuel System is a Trademark of Allied Chemical Corporation

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I. Introduction

2. First HRC Commercial Unit

3. Allied Chemical Corporation Prototype Test Unit

4. VFO Flame in 100% Pre-Mix Type (Side-Fired Radiant

5. VFO Flame in Bi-Mix Type (Down-Fired)

6. VFO Flame in Raw Gas Type (Up-Fired Radiant)

7. Block Flow Diagram

8. Typical Specification for NO. 2 Fuel Oil and Heavy Cracked Oil

 9. Heating Value Comparisons for Oil-Gas Mixtures i0. Specific Gravity Comparisons for Oil-Gas Mixtures

IIA. Knoy In~erchangeabilty Chart
lIB. VFO Fuel Gas Data Overlay on Knoy Chart

12. Typical Operating Requirements of VFO vs. Fuel Oil Firing

13. Typical Shop-Assembled Skid

14. List of Commercial VFO Installations

15. HRC M~bile Test Rig

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Many of the process furnaces currently in operation in the U.S.A. are be- ing fired wi~h natural gas. The supply of natural gas for such purposes
is already subject to some curtailment, and more curtailment looms in the near future. How much and when is subject to a complex interplay of tech- nical, economic, and political factors. Accordingly, the process indus- tries are examining substitute gas fuels which can be made from commer- cially available liquid or solid fuels, which can be distributed and used in their existing furnaces, and which are economically feasible in terms
of costs of investment, operation, and downtime for installation.

The VFO TM Fuel System* is a co~ercially demonstrated way to produce a substitute fuel gas from available liquid fuels. Heat Research Corporation (HRC) has recently started up its first commercial unit.

The VFO Fuel System is a simple efficient process comprising only physical steps such as heating, mixing, and vaporization, whereas many other sub- stitute gas processes require chemical conversion steps such as reforming or partial combustion.

Consequently VFO Fuel System's initial investment cost is low and its an- nualized production costs per BTU delivered are acceptable even when used as a standby system.

.The essential feature of the VFO Fuel System is that it thermally produces substitute gas fuel from commercially available distillate fuel oils. In

*VFO TM Fuel System is a Trademark of Allied Chemical Corporation



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m~st instances, this substitute gas fuel can be used without changing existing burner spuds, by proper control of its volumetric heating value and specific gravity. The burners may be operated with natural gas...