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Dynamic Analysis of Elevated Turbomachinery Support Structures Using Computer Aided Techniques Disclosure Number: IPCOM000221801D
Publication Date: 2012-Sep-15
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Dynamic Analysis and Design of Elevated Turbomachinery Support Structures using Computer Aided Techniques

L. William Abel P.E.

Donald C. Chang Ph.D.
MarvlnLisnitzer P.E.

Abstract This paper briefly discusses the computer aided analysis and design of elevated turbomachinery support structures. The paper is focused, upon structural behavior and presented from the Civil Engineer's view point. The major topics are the steps associated With a typical structural design. The history of elevated turbomachinery support structure designs,┼Áithin Kellogg's past experience, is also presented~ Justifications to perform a rigorou~ computer aided analysis .are given along with a succint summary of the mathematical theory that enables the engineer to solve the large ~plex problem that represents the elevated turbomachinery support structure. Attributes of the computer aided technique are explained by presenting excerpts from typlcal example problems. Included in the presentation are superstructure and foundation drawings, dynamic load derivation or acquisition, mathematical modellng techniques, kinematic condensation, a sampling of computer output, and means of interpreting the computer results. This sampling Includes computer .output and graphical representation of mode shapes accomplished by ~o~puter techniques. Finally this paper offers the Civil Englneer┬░s view of possible improvements of cooperation between structural designers and manufacturers to better achieve th...