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BARIUM FUEL CELLS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000222029D
Publication Date: 2012-Sep-18
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        Considerable interest has been shown in recent years in fuel cell systems capable of operatin~ at high current d~ain at ambient temperature and pressure. Most impressive

,~io~ C---e~~

amonE the systems considered at ~[he M.W.K~ LaboratoPy ape
those using barium as fuel. Solid barium fuel electrodes
were coupled with oxygen and chlorine cathodes. Like all electz~x:hemlcal devices capable of convertin~ the Gibbs fpee enemy of a chemical reaction into electrical energy, barium fuel cells are continuous feed primary systems. The reaetlons occuring in such systems are very attractive because of their high cell voltages. Unlike alkali me~als which are very reactive with aqueous media barium me%el can be made into an electrode at oPdinary temperatures. When couple4 w~th an oxidant such as oxygen electrical energy is ~enerated. Products foz~ed appear as precipitate but do not interfere w~h the performance of the system.

        At open circuit or at i00 amp/ft.ã high Doten~ial is obtained which is nearly three or fou~ times that of hydrogen-oxygen ~uel cell. This represents a ma~or advantage of ~his type
electrodes, of primary system, In addition to solid fuel liquid barium amal~am was ~examined aea

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exploratory ~esulCs obtained and offe~t~e4~ F~dJct~o~s / ~

of the perfo~nce of the barium fuel cell system=,~ /

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Anode Reaction Cathode React/on

Perhydroxyl ion fo~ation the half cell; the extent concemtration.

 Ba -~ Ba÷÷ ÷ 2e E= = 2.90 volts
i/2 02 ÷ H20 • 2o~2OH E° = 0.~01 volts

occurs/I/ and limits the potential of is dependent on the perhyd1~oxyl ion

    E° = -0.07| volts (catalytic)

E° ¯ 2.|-3.3 volts

02 ÷ H20 ¯ 2e -~- HO2- ÷ OH"

              HO2- -~- OH" ÷ 1/2 02 Overall Reaction

   Ba ¯ 1/2 02 ÷ H20 -,- Ba÷¯ + 2OH- Barium-Chlorine

Anode Reaction

Cathode Reaction Overall Reaction

electrode was calculated usin~ the standard associated with the amalsamation/2/.

Ba÷¯ ¯ H~ ÷

Barium ~malgam was ~epared

E° : 2.~0 volts E° ¯ 1.36 volts E° : ~.25 VOltS

for the berlum amalRam f~e enerEy chanse

2e = 2.2h volts /3/ and coupled with an

half call. A~h~s ~ system^*~4~ lower energy density

chlorine fuel cell systems uein@ solid barium as the fuel elect~de~/

Ba-~ Ba++ ¯ 2e

C12 ¯ 2e-~2CI
Ba ¯ C12~Ba÷~ ¯ 2CI-


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        Figure 1 compares t~êerq...