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Bleed-off resistor for the controlled discharge on the Flex on HDD Disclosure Number: IPCOM000222416D
Publication Date: 2012-Oct-03
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Original trace was floating on the Flex. Floating metal was charged with electron. When the Flex was assembled into the HSA, the Flex connects to the suspension. The electric charge on the trace flows onto the suspension trace. Then, the electric charge damage to the electrical element on the suspension. So, settle the resistor between the floating trace and the Flex GND pattern. Then, the resistor leaks the electric charge on the trace to the Flex GND pattern. Flex GND pattern connects to the HSA GND, the first, when the Flex is assembled. Moreover, the resistor works to leak the electric charge of the trace to the Flex GND any time.

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Bleed-off resistor for the controlled discharge on the Flex on HDD


 In HSA assemble process of Mariner, electrification under a certain influence occurred in DSA line (floating) on flex cable. Since the phenomenon of following either of two arose in the state where it was charged when it connected with suspension, it was judged that it gave the damage to the reproduce head.

- Phenomenon 1 : When it connected with DSA trace of suspension, the current by electrification flowed into PZT of suspension as rush current, and the induced current by crosstalk occurred to the read line which adjoined DSA trace. The induced current gave the damage to the reproduce head.

- Phenomenon 2 : By position gap of flex cable and suspension, the DSA pad of flex cable and read pad of suspension contacted. Therefore, the electric charge with which flex cable is tinged flowed into the reproduction system of direct suspension, and gave the damage to the reproduce head.


In order to solve the above-mentioned problem, I aimed at constituting the circuit system which an electric charge does not accumulate in DSA trace on flex cable. Then, by the time it also united and examined the procedure of assemble and suspension was connected, the electric discharge time and the electric discharge course for changing into the state where the electric charge is discharging from DSA trace on flex cable considered structure.

As a result, I decided to adopt the structure which installs resistance between DSA trace and a GND pattern. Furth...