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Method for Consolidation and Preservation of Shortened Web Uniform Resource Locators Disclosure Number: IPCOM000222540D
Publication Date: 2012-Oct-16
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Disclosed is a service that collects shortened URLs from the web, retrieves the corresponding original URL, stores the pairs, and serves the information to interested users.

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Method for Consolidation and Preservation of Shortened Web Uniform Resource Locators

The need for shortened Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) is critical because the absolute URLs are becoming very long to the extent that they cannot be transmitted on all media (e.g., social networking applications) and they are difficult to handle on mobile devices.

Dozens of providers offer so-called URL-Shortening services, which typically entail:

1. Receiving from a user a long URL (X) that the user wants to shorten

2. Creating a short URL (Y) to represent the long URL (X)

3. Storing the pair (X,Y) in a database

4. Redirecting future requests for Y to the web resource represented with X

The user who registers a short URL depends on the provider to continue to support the shortened URL. For example, the user may wish to give his clients short URLs to pages on their business' web site, and if the short URL is not supported, then the user may lose some business. Therefore, there is currently a general concern that short URLs might not be reliable if a relatively small provider goes out of business, or even if a larger provider stops providing the URL-shortening service.

Therefore, there is a need for a method for maintaining shortened URLs that allow users trust that the access to the original URL will not be lost if the shortened URL may cease to exist for any reason, or even if the provider's system is down for any reason.

The core idea of the invention is a service that colle...