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System and Method to Mark and Handle Dirty IL to Avoid Compiler ICE Disclosure Number: IPCOM000222613D
Publication Date: 2012-Oct-19
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ICE(Internal Compiler Error) is an unrecoverable and fatal error occurred when compiling programs indicating the compiler crashed causing compiling abend, no executable produced!!! IL(Intermediate Language) is well-defined intermediate representation/instructions that compiler front-end produces, back-end accepts it as input and outputs the machine code. Dirty IL is a block of intermediate instructions which violates the expected compiler behavior, and ICE-prone. Problem: - Compiler is one of the most important programs in business always. And nowadays users are more and more counting on compiler for debugging, optimization, etc issues. - A Compiler product may receive hundreds ICE defects every year, which blocks user to develop their applications deeply. - Users have to wait for compiler development team to release a patch - always long time in business even if the ICE part source code is not used or it doesn't affect other business component's source! And nowadays, users are just counting on compiler development team's patch ASAP to resolve their problems, no compiler now provides a mechanism to recover the ICE in an appropriate way. This invention provide a system and method to mark and handle dirty IL to avoid ICEs and create trial application for running, which generates a runnable trial binary and the trial binary contains runtime report.

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System and Method to Mark and Handle Dirty IL to Avoid Compiler ICE

When ICE occurred we won't have any executables for running and users have to wait for long time fixing.

Known Solutions:

Current compiler systems have designed some features to provide basic error information of source where ICE occurred, while most of them focus on


If we can find a way, that keeps the unaffected business compiling and running smoothly even if ICE occurred within the whole application, users won't be

worried about that their primary business may stop any more!

Our invention is shown below:


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We implement an ICE handler, which can generate a runnable trial binary and contain runtime report.

Core idea:

When ICEs are detected during compiling, recovery system will be enabled, then the dirty IL will be marked. Runtime warning instructions that report application
risks are inserted when encounting dirty IL.


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Advantages/Business impact:

To users:

- Save efforts and time when troubled into ICE.

- If someone is troubled into ICE, he/she is able to get an executable prototype to test without waiting for the patch. To company:

- Save efforts and time for fixing the ICE problem

- Low cost of implementation, least impact on compilation process

- Increase user experience and friendliness

-An innovative perspective to run business though ICE occurred within the beta application, and improve the development life cycle for both users and developers.

- A lig...