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System and method for creating and using dynamic bookmarks Disclosure Number: IPCOM000222813D
Publication Date: 2012-Oct-23
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Disclosed is a method that allows the users to create bookmarks that can be rendered using dynamic data. The bookmark is rendered dynamically and is not stored.

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System and method for creating and using dynamic bookmarks

When users constantly navigate certain locations, they can store these locations as bookmarks and can come back to them. But these stored data are static data, which means, upon change of certain parameters, these bookmarks become invalid. And the user has to remove them and store new ones.

Example use case:
Client 1 routinely visits certain links to retrieve daily team builds. However, the build's location changes regularly on given dates - ie the url contains a variable portion. This makes it almost impossible for Client 1 to store the bookmark to his build location.

Disclosed are a system and method, that learns from a user's pattern of navigating to specific destinations, and based on the destination address, predicts the desired destination.

Note this is not a bookmark updating system, that deletes and/or re-updates a bookmark with a new value. It is a new kind of bookmark, called a dynamic bookmark that does not point to a specific location but is based on a configuration and dynamic algorithms that determine it's final value.

The core idea of this invention is to register a bookmark then designate changes and patterns within the navigation path that may change and when they may change based on configurations. This smart and dynamic bookmark registers on the toolbar but gives a visual indicator in the UI when it is valid and goes to the relevant data that is available. It shows disabled when the configuration and patterns do not match a valid address. Further, for certain dynamic bookm...