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Multiple branch tweening. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000222848D
Publication Date: 2012-Oct-25
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1. User work flow a. User needs to create a new file. b. In layer one frame one , create a path to animate. (path for animation) c. Create a beginning object (Symbol) d. Attach the object in beginning of path using any tool e. Insert another key frame for frame duration (20, 40 frames) f. Create end objects to animate. g. If required make the changes in end of animation object s (shape, position, rotation, motion, color and effect) h. From using a tool attach each object in end i. Ctrl > Enter to preview the animation j. Make the changes in animation if it’s not your expectation. k. Ctrl > Enter to preview again l. Export/publish animation as SWF This is end of the user workflow. 2. Taken by code. a. Animating objects in each path b. Object transformation (shapes, motion, color, effects) c. Duplicating objects in each branch. d. Transformation of object from branch point to end point. 3. How to implement in code. a. An editor for creating paths and branches. A tree like structure to will be used represents all paths in memory. An XML document will be used to save paths to disk. b. A parser for above data structure to animate the object(s) at runtime. It will be implemented as a reusable flash component (swc). c. A way to bind objects (symbols) to path.

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Jose Joseph

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Jayasheela kumar

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Multiple branch tweening.

Prior Art

A tween in Flash is an animation that is created by specifying a value for an object property in one key frame and another value for that same property in another key frame. Flash calculates the values for that property in between those two frames

How to animating objects from one location to another location

1. Object must have a beginning position and end position will be predefined

2. Object animation path (moving path) is drawn manually

3. Object is attached in the beginning and end of the path

4. Animation would create after export the movie.

There are several types of tweens, including classic tweens, motion tweens and shape tweens . you can tween filters, color effects, and transparency.

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This animation required one layer, if the path in different layer, it will be two


1. User could not animate the more than one path

2. If any branch animation, it should be create as separate animation.

3. Correctly mapping the branch animation is tedious animation job

4. User needs to do trial and error method to multiple branch animation (each animation is in different layer

5. It takes lot of time to create multiple branch animation

New proposal

Present proposal is only one object and one path is using for creating multiple branch animation. Please see the below drawing to understand the multi branch animation.

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To create an animation using Prior Art.

1. Three paths and three animations are required.

New proposal

1. Only path and one object (we can also add end objects to different types of effects and animations)


1. Easily can create the animations

2. Animation is...