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2-Automatic server location Disclosure Number: IPCOM000222856D
Publication Date: 2012-Oct-25
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Disclosed is a method to deduce the location of a rack-mounted server by using data from the ambient temperature sensor and the hard disk drive (HDD) accelerometers.

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2-Automatic server location

Data centers contain many servers, located in many different racks. It is desirable to know the location of individual servers for various reasons, including data center ambient conditions or knowing where to go to physically locate the server. Currently this information must be manually entered by the operator. If it is not entered properly, a light can be set to blink on a server via remote interface.

Using data from the ambient temperature sensor and the hard disk drive (HDD) accelerometers, the location of a rack-mounted server may be deduced by comparison with the data from other servers in the area. The advantage to this is that the information does not have to be entered manually, and if it is, it can be checked for accuracy.

The Integrated Management Module (IMM) retrieves data from the front panel temperature sensors, as well as the values of the other servers in the data center. Data related to the HDD accelerometers is also retrieved and reduced.

The accelerometer data can be used to identify near and far field noise. The HDD accelerometer information combined with the data from the temperature sensor provides enough granularities to pinpoint the relative location of servers to each other. Using this information, a data center map can be constructed and server location/grouping can be reported back to the systems administrators.

Figure 1: System configuration to apply the invention

Figure 2: Communication link


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