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Method of collecting and transmitting sunlight into a heating unit Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223042D
Publication Date: 2012-Oct-29
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This article describes a new heating unit to dissipate collected sunlight

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Method of collecting and transmitting sunlight into a heating unit

Disclosed is a construction for conversion of solar energy in power systems using new heating unit based on direct transfer of collected sunlight inside a diffuser with mirrored walls.

A modern solar power plant uses reflectors to collect sunlight and heats outside a tank with a heat-transfer agent. This is the cause of heat loss due to convective exchange and other issues. Also, a tower with a liquid tank makes a part of unused ground surface around itself. The main objective of this proposal is to dissipate the solar energy inside the tank with the heat-transfer agent. This will significantly reduce the heat loss which exists in external heating of a liquid tank.

This method is illustrated on the Figure.

Figure. Illustration of the construction

To do that sunlight is refracted by the optical lens and collected in the receiver. The optical lens should be profiled to optimal shape to be able to assembly lens array with maximum surface area. Then sunlight is passed into the optical fiber and transferred to the diffuser of sunlight.

The semitransparent mirror is the interface between the optical fiber and the diffuser of sunlight. It is used for the transmission of sunlight in one direction inside the diffuser.

The diffuser is a heat-conducting metal construction with any geometric shape (box, sphere etc) with reflecting walls inside. This is done that the collected sunlight is reflected multiple t...