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Provide a Listing View For An Integrated Debugger Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223126D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-05
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The invention is an assembler debugger that provides a listing file in a view (e.g. on a display screen) of the part of a computer program being debugged. All valid trace functions (i.e. setting breakpoints, stepping over, stepping into, run, etc) are supported by this debugger.

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Provide a Listing View For An Integrated Debugger

Debuggers typically provide a disassembled view of the machine code and/or a source code view. The debugger of this invention provides a listing view (as shown in the Figure) that offers several advantages:

Register usage and storage locations are displayed along with the source line;

Multiple views may also be provided, and both the disassembled view and listing view can be displayed concurrently.

Macros can be expanded inline; and

Assembler generated information can be displayed, such as:

DSECT (dummy sector (storage area)) Usings in effect

Symbol tables

XREF (cross reference/lookup) table