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Method and System for Ad-hoc media program search and showing thumbnails Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223157D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-05
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A program is disclosed by which Ad-hoc Search can be performed on Media files with thumbnail display. User can drill or scroll the search results. User can also be offered to buy or schedule any media program from the displayed thumbnail.

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Method and System for Ad-hoc media program search and showing thumbnails

Existing method to Search TV programs is very tedious. Users have to navigate entire TV channel listings to find appropriate TV program. It is very time consuming and boring. At the same time it is also very difficult to find an appropriate TV program according to user's choice. Following (Figure 1) is an existing method of TV Program Search

Figure 1

The proposed method not only focuses on TV Programs, it talks about any media program ( Music, Video etc) search, for example the figure is showing the Media Program of TV. It can be Video portals like YouTube*, Music Portals etc.

The proposed invention talks about, metadata ( Automated or Manual) properties of any Media file program will be used for grouping with multiple Categories. User can select any media program for playing or scheduling for future. In this case user can also apply filters on any one or more metadata properties to get the appropriate media program list.

In this example TV is being used, but the same can be used for any media program Search.

Following diagram (Figure 2) describes the metadata property of every TV program. This option will come once the user presses any specific search button in TV Remote. Now user can use one or more metadata property of TV program to create any custom grouping.


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Figure 2

Following diagram (Figure 3) describes user has selected one or more metadata properties to create custom...