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System independant electronic document expiration Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223188D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-07
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Disclosed is a system to help users manage the lifecycle of their documents through independent electronic document expiration.

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System independant electronic document expiration

With social networking, many documents are disseminated on a system where the user does not necessarily have control over redistribution. Documents become stale and information becomes out-of-date or irrelevant. A user should have ability to control the life expectancy of their document. A solution should apply to all electronic documents, independent of their format.

In one existing solution, users must have an interactive terminal connected to a system to include retention/deletion criteria. This requires the use of profile and rule data.

The solution is comprised of the following components and functions:

1. Place document into an invisible/transparent envelope that controls the expiration of the document.

2. When the expiration is reached, the document can no longer be viewed/opened with the native application (it is unreadable). The native document is encrypted.

3. User uses an application to select one or more electronic documents and assign various metadata fields, one field being the expiration date of the document

4. When the information is saved, it is bundled with the original document and form in a single entity. The document is augmented with the metadata and a self-contained application that is triggered each time the file is accessed via input/output. That application must be able to run in any environment/operating system. It performs one or two tasks:

A. Checks for the expiration metadata

B. If d...