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Context Based message editing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223679D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-23
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This article describes a system that modifies messages in a text based communication environment such that any names and prepositions are analysed and potentially modified depending on the recipient.

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Context Based message editing

When you copy and paste some text that contains some form of context relevant to where that text is, you often have to edit the text, depending on what you are doing.

    For example, you chair a meeting which you would like to cancel but want to check that it's OK with everyone. You might send the first person (Fred, say) a message such as "Hey Fred - Andy is busy for the meeting today and I am as well. Shall we start a fresh in 2012?". Once this message has been sent, you would send the same message to other people, slightly changing the content accordingly. I.e. you might send a similar message to Bob, such as, "Hey Bob - Andy is busy for the meeting today and I am as well. Shall we start a fresh in 2012?".

    While the basis of the message is the same each time, there is some context within it which requires manual editing, according to who its being sent to.

    There are other approaches to solving this problems using Group Chats but these require loosing the context you are trying to retain

    The messaging system always knows who you are, and also who you are talking to, whether this is email address, username or name which is stored in your account.

    If the messaging system has some text copied and paste from another chat window, it checks if there is a context to automatically update i.e.

A message is copied from a chat session to Fred

The messaging system knows the message was sent to Fred and had "Fred" in
the message in the context of...