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Method and system for reducing the storage cost on mail server by customizing attachment's receiver in mail body

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223708D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-26
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In some scenario,if the email sender know that not all recipient of email have to look into the detailed content of attachment.Those recipient just care about other recipient could receive attachment successfully.Althought the email sender could split it and send out respectively,but it is not very convenient.Finally,the sender perfer to send attachment to all recipient.This results in unnecessary workload and storage being consumed.Disclosed is a method for reducing more workload and storage on email server,the sender could decide the attachment will be sent to which one in the recipient list.

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Method and system for reducing the storage cost on mail server by customizing attachment's receiver in mail body

Sometimes, email sender need to send email with attachment to or cc so many receiver. But email sender know some receiver do not care about the content of attachment,The sender just need to let this receiver know other receiver already received this attachment successfully, such as one Developer ask one QA for providing trace log for investigating one issue and cc/to QA's boss in order to make sure that QA will pay attention to this, and in order to show QA had already pay attention to this, QA reply this email with trace log and to/cc QA and developer's boss.but this kind of action impact storage cost and workload of mail server also.

with current mail client,sender must reply this email with attachment to all receiver.

In this disclosure, sender could customize the attachment' receiver in mail client.
for example:if sender want to reply email to UserA/UserB/UserC,the sender could customize that only UserA will receive this attachment, but UserB/UserC could view the attachment stubbing link and UserB/UserC could know sender already send out one email with attachment to UserA really.

When plan to send mail with attachment to/cc many receiver, decide who should receiver this email with attachment by right clicking on attachment. That will display one receiver list, you could use select/deselect check box before receiver.
and by default, the unselected re...