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Efficient Deduplicate email base on multiple part mail mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223709D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-26
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On the email server,most of emails is replied and forwarded,and when replied and forwarded email,the previouse mail content will be apppended in the bottom of latest email.When archiving those email,Archive application could extract and split email by email thread,and archive them respectively rather than archiving whole replied and forwarded email.that could reduce the archiving target storage usage more efficiently.

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Efficient Deduplicate email base on multiple part mail mechanism

In the email system, there are a mass of forwarded and replied mails which include content of previous emails in the mail thread. Duplication mechanism in traditional email archive system is base on whole email entry. So the forwarded and replied email was considered as new and distinct, and the same content from previous mails will be duplicately archived.
so many redundancy content was stored, leading to the storage waste.


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In this disclosure, one de-duplication mechanism is implemented base on email partition rather than whole email entry. One email entry will be split into multiple email part according to email forward/reply thread.


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There are mainly 3 benefits

Firstly, the new archiving method removes more duplicated content in a mail thread. The more forward/reply ratio and the longer length of forward/reply thread, the more space is saving.

Secondly, indexing will be more efficient since more redundant content is removed by this method.

Thirdly, this new archiving method not only archives email content, but also archives the relationship between emails in a mail thread. So it can provide insight into the mail history.

In this disclosure, split one email into multiple part base on email thread. and perform de-duplication according to part rather than whole email entry. In archiving tier, extract one whole email entry firstly and then split it into different part bas...