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Location and context aware content expansion and contraction in touch screen enabled device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223765D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-28
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A program is disclosed by which user can expand any content based on geographical location and context of the content in a touch screen enabled device. In this case, expansion of content mean, full form of abbreviation, detail of a person, full address definition etc. Based on the finger travel distance the degree of content can be expanded. User can also take print out of the expanded content.

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Location and context aware content expansion and contraction in touch screen enabled device

There are lots of cases where users may need some more detail information to understand any content. The content expansion can vary based on location and context. Users may need detail expansion of any abbreviation, detail of a person etc, inappropriate expansion of any content can change the meaning of the content.

Following are the other different capabilities of the invention apart from the example shown in the Description section ..

• It can be used not just to expand an abbreviated name, but also can expand "City Mall" in the example to show a full address of City Mall.

• It can also expand "partial" people or business names not just "abbreviated" road names. For example, Dr. J Smith, the expansion can be, full name of the doctor, qualifications, address etc.

• User can expand the definition of any keywords, for example, a Product name can be expanded to show the advantages, purpose of the product etc.

• User may want to show when there are multiple choices, since users may really not want the one that is closest in all cases, maybe use finger to move up/down to scroll different options.

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Research Project in Ontology -based Classification of Unstructured Information .pdf

Following is one Scenario based on that the invention is written. There can be multiple scenarios.

There are 2 Locations. Location A and Location B

Location A,

There are 2 Roads with name:

Road 1: Kalicharan Ghosh Road ------ Is Famous for Shopping Complex