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G2S WSDL v1.3 and S2S WSDL v1.3 Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223840D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-30
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These documents outlines a mechanism to provide a consistent multicast environment to work in conjunction with other secure GSA protocols.

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The Web Services Description Language (WSDL) is a means of expressing a SOAP Service using an XML Schema created by the W3C. The WSDL defines the language independent API for G2S. All modern platforms, languages and operating systems can support code that is WSDL compliant.

Not all implementations can use the WSDL to generate their code. As long as the semantics of the WSDL are followed then the platforms will interoperate. If your platform cannot support WSDL directly, please be sure that you meet all of the requirements defined in the G2S WSDL.

1 Transport Options

G2S-specific instances of the transport options are provided in the following sections. For a more in depth discussion of the transport options, please see the GSA Point-to-Point SOAP/HTTPS Transport and Security Specification.

The request is sent without compression of any type, and the SendG2SMessage SOAP operation is used.

When using this method, the application on the client side of a connection sends a G2S message to the server side of the connection by GZIP'ing the string that would have been sent in the g2sRequest

field of the g2sRequestParameters structure had the regular SendG2SMessage SOAP operation been used. However, when using the SendG2SGZipPayloadMessage operation, the

g2sGZipPayloadRequestParameters structure is used, in which case, the g2sRequest field is a byte array type, instead of a string, and is set to the output produced by the GZIP step.

The GSA transport is taking advantage of the HTTP content encoding GZIP (Content-Encoding: gzip). The compression is transparent to the SOAP protocol, thus the transport client should use the

SendG2SMessage SOAP operation.

Released: 2012/08/28

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