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Epididymal injection of calcium chloride dihydrate solution (preferably in alcohol) for nonsurgical sterilization in males Disclosure Number: IPCOM000223843D
Publication Date: 2012-Nov-30

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Calcium chloride dihydrate in alcohol, lidocaine, or saline solution has been extensively studied for nonsurgical neuter for male animals. However, when injected into testicular tissue as in those studies, a testosterone reduction results, which would not be appropriate in human males. We propose epididymal rather than testicular tissue injection of calcium chloride dihydrate solution, to avoid affecting testosterone production, as a nonsurgical, non-libido-reducing sterilant in humans. It may also be of use to owners/guardians/managers of companion, zoo, or farm animals who wish to sterilize their animals without changing hormone-linked behavior or health, in addition to providing men with a simple, nonsurgical alternative to vasectomy.