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A smarter and more interactive way to use alarms Disclosure Number: IPCOM000224114D
Publication Date: 2012-Dec-10
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This invention describes a method that uses a television as an alarm, suitable for interactively engaging a user when waking up.

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A smarter and more interactive way to use alarms

The problem area is that waking up tends to be quite a static process. Some of the current solutions are as follows:

Classic alarm system

Smart alarm that monitors sleep patterns and wakes you up when in light sleep

Alarm clocks that introduce light gradually to simulate

    The drawbacks of these methods are that many people find waking up a struggle due to these alarms either being too sudden or too gentle. Although some alarm clocks monitor you and wake you up gradually, they are still stand alone hardware / software.

    The core idea of the invention is to use a similar method to the gradually increasing light to wake you up but with the inclusion of a television, a more engaging audio and visual medium is in place. The advantage of this method is that it is more interactive to the user so is more likely to effectively wake them up gradually due to their interest to watch the television screen to coincide with the audio they are can hear. This gradual increase method would provide an alternative to the step alarm methods currently used, where the alarm is either on or off.

    Our preferred embodiment would be to have a single application with the ability to set an alarm time on the television. When this time is reached the brightness of the television would gradually increase over a user pre-defined time period, as would the volume until both reached the default setting. The default channel for the television to switch...