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Apparatus and Method to Analyze and Control Gas Station Liquid and Vapor Leak Data using Smart Analytics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000224784D
Publication Date: 2013-Jan-03

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The main claim here is that this is an analytics platform that controls ATGs and ATG data. The invention does the following: 1. Retrieve the data from the ATGs 2. Process ATG data with analysis 3. Provide a decision using analytics 4. Control the ATG based on the decision

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Apparatus and Method to Analyze and Control Gas Station Liquid and Vapor Leak Data using Smart Analytics

The problems that this invention tries to solve are:

- There are no smart analytics for liquid and vapor leak detection and prediction in gas stations.
- No long term storage and data access for liquid and vapor leak data

- Time consuming and cost ineffective of using manual ATG [Automatic Tank Gauge] data processing

The current known solutions drawbacks are:

- Manual inspections and analysis of the ATG's reports

- Manual filing and storing of paper diagnostic data
- No long term data storage of diagnostic data

- Hard to audit because the ATG reports are not categorized

- Data analysis is not cost effective
- Not cost effective because data is not centralized and an

inspector must be sent out to analyze data

- Inconsistent interface to pull data
- No common ATG format that can be uploaded to a cloud for data mining

Merit and License Value

This unique invention could provide high licensing value for specific industries such as petroleum or chemical processing because it analyzes and controls vapor and liquid leak data from gas stations and ATGs.

This invention monitors, analyzes, and controls liquid and vapor leak data from Automatic Tank Gauges.

Provides a complete analytical solution using Business intelligence.

The benefits and values that this invention provides:

- Vertical business market application for petroleum industry and gas stations

- Smarter analytics

- Smarter planet initiative

- Common data format for Liquid and Vapor leak data

- Long term storage of Liquid and Vapor leak data in the cloud

This invention/system collects data from multiple ATGs, stores the long term historical data in a hybrid cloud database, analyzes data from multiple Automatic Tank Gauges using various Business Intelligence Engines. Based on the analysis, the system can detect or predict vapor and liquid leaks locally or globally and suggest necessary actions to ATG owner/operator and/or government agencies.


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ATG Data Controller (ADC)

The ATG (Automatic Tank Gauge) Data Controller (ADC) sits on top of existing ATG technology and communicates with it using standard Ethernet, USB, or serial port (RS-232C). This module is designed to be ATG agnostic, provide an interface to the hybrid cloud database, and house XML Web Services for the Decision Manager to control the ATG.


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 XML WebService Interface for Decision Manager

Communication from/to cloud

(internet or wan)

Custom datastore

ATG Data Access Controller

Extract Load Transform Engine

A. ATG Data Access Controller (ADAC)

ATG Data Access Controller connects to the ATG and has a set of routines to pull reports from the ATG or direct sensor information. This component talks directly to the ATG using ATG specific commands. This module drives the ADC because it has the algorithms to know what reports or sensor data is needed. Below is the flow chart on how the operation works...