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Method to use antenna cable to supply energy from solar panels Disclosure Number: IPCOM000224925D
Publication Date: 2013-Jan-11
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Nowadays there is a lot of attention in protecting the environment. The usage of sustainable energy is growing very much. One of the most popular is the photovoltaic energy created from solar panels. Some applications exists that couple a small solar panel to a small electrical equipment (ie road-signs, calculators). Very frequently, solar panels are realized on the roof of buildings where usually reside also TV antennas.The idea is to supply electricity produced from a solar panel to TV and TV accessories (ie decoder, dvd reader, home theatre) leveraging on the TV cable and not having the need to add a new ad-hoc cable. The idea is to invent a method and system to supply small electrical appliances with power coming from a small photovoltaic panel installed on the antenna pole. The electrical appliances can be any equipment directly connected to the TV cable (antenna amplifiers, decoders or LCD/LED TV) or could be any small electrical equipment that can be supplied with a voltage from a battery. The technical innovation consists in utilizing the TV cable to convey the DC voltage from a photovoltaic panel installed on the antenna pole, to a battery located in the electrical appliance or externally. The application applies to any antenna receiving equipment such as the terrestrial digital TV or satellite TV. The main advantage of this solution is the energy saving, resulting from the usage of the solar energy to supply small domestic appliance, and the inexpensive cost of the solution. Depending on the dimension of the solar panel, the produced energy can be shared between more users (equipment).

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Method to use antenna cable to supply energy from solar panels

System description

A system is proposed to use an antenna cable to supply energy from solar panels. The System comprises a solar panel, an antenna, and a new control unit. The control unit comprises one or more batteries, one or more battery charge system, a software application to control the system functions and to provide statistical information. The solar panel is installed on the existing antenna pole or close to it depending on the dimension. The connection between the photovoltaic panel and the battery charge system is realized using the existing TV cable. Two de-couplers are used to decouple DC voltage and RF signal. The DC voltage from the photovoltaic panel is used to charge the power supplier battery. The system can supply (recharge) one or more batteries located close to the TV cable. The solution can be used by multiple users, as for example the TV equipment of an apartment house.

Here is a drawing of the system:


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TV cable capability considerations

Assuming a standard TV cable can safely sustain 2 A at 60 V, one single cable is capable to convey about 120 W. This energy is capable to recharge a set of five standard 20 A/h 12V accumulators in about ten hours:

Charge current 1/10 of nominal current = 1/10*20 = 2 A

Average charge time = Charge current / nominal current = 2/20 = 10 h

Above calculation assumes that all 12 V accumulator are serial connected (12 V x 5 = 60 V) and when they are fully charged can provide about 1200 W/h. The average consumption of an LCD television is about 150 W/h.

In some cases the TV installation are shared (in an appartment block) and the installation is made with more cables. In this case the maximum energy (120 W) can be multiplied by the number of cables.


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Software application system