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Synchronization & Management of Device Programs between Manufacturer & Utility Disclosure Number: IPCOM000224964D
Publication Date: 2013-Jan-16
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E20110360- Synchronization & Management of Device Programs between Manufacturer & Utility

System of securely hosting device program development services on a Manufacturing System and/or AMI Head-end system for Utility personnel use.  Automates the existing method where device program files are transferred by the email from the Utility to the Manufacturing sales engineers for use in programming meters associated with a Utility’s meter order.  This concept provides program synchronization services between Manufacturing, AMI Head-end, and other field programming tools.  In addition, the Manufacturing System will provide the following:

·         a meter Program Development service

·         meter program storage for Utility created programs

·         download and synchronization services to keep the Utility Systems / Tools associated with meter device programming updated with the current programs,

·         automation of the “as built” order shipment information for the meter/devices,

·         program management capabilities to track meter to program associations over time.

·         Utility user authentication / authorization services to provide secure role-based access to create, view, and update: Utility order information, managed device programs, and historical meter to program association information

secure automation for the transfer of meter/device security information between the Manufacturing system and the Utility AMI Head-end system.


Meter / device programming involves many different actors (users, tools, systems, etc.) between the meter manufacturer and the Utility that deploys the meter for its consumer.  Following is a list of some of these actors and their role in the process:

·         Meter Program Development application - Application provided by Meter/Device Manufacturer and typically used by Utility Rate Analyst / Engineer to create meter programs that implement a consumer rate structure for different variants of metering devices.  Designated meter shop personnel may also use this application to create test programs for meter or system testing, but not consumer meters.

·         Meter Programming application – Application provided by Meter/Device Manufacturer and typically used by Utility Meter Shop personnel to apply a meter program to appropriate metering devices.  The programming operation is conducted on a single device at a time and is typically performed locally to the device using a direct connection through an optical port.   This application can also remotely program a single device through WAN based communication.

·         Field Troubleshooting tools – Tools provided by the Meter/Device manufacturer or AMI supplier to locally troubleshoot metering and communications problems in the field.  The tool is typically used by Utility Field personnel and deployed on hardened hand-helds or ruggedized computing devices.  The field-troubleshooting tool can be used to install devices and perform limited device configuration operations.

·         Manufacturing System...