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Execution of Sequential Meter Transitions on Multiple Meters in AMI Head End System Using Generic Composite Job Mechanism in Gatekeeper Disclosure Number: IPCOM000225027D
Publication Date: 2013-Jan-21
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E20120360 – Execution of Sequential Meter Transactions on Multiple Meters in AMI Head-End System using Generic Composite Job Mechanism in Gatekeeper

This concept provides execution of sequential meter transactions on multiple meters in AMI Head End systems using Generic Composite Job mechanism in the Gatekeepers.


The Gatekeeper Generic Composite Job mechanism provides the ability for the system to specify a sequence of meter transactions to be performed on a list of targeted meters, and to begin the execution of these transactions. Once the system initiates the process, the Gatekeeper will communicate with target meters to carry out the specified transactions. The mechanism also permits the user to observe current status of a Generic Composite job and to obtain meter data resulting from table reads and procedure executions. 

Presently, AMI Head End systems utilize Gatekeeper LAN pass through mechanisms for single meter transactions. However, there may be the need to carry out sequential meter transactions on a list of meters. With Generic Composite Job implemented in Gatekeeper, it is possible for AMI Head End systems to provide this ability. AMI Head End systems will need to specify meter transactions (table read, table write, or procedure execution) through parameters and data written to Gatekeeper Generic Directed Composite Image tables.  It will also need to write a target meter list to the Gatekeeper for Generic Composite job. Then AMI Head End system n...